3. 핫이슈! 톡톡 퀴즈!

핫이슈! 톡톡 퀴즈!

어린이 조선일보 '톡톡 퀴즈' 신규회원 선물이벤트

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뉴스는 미래다.  청소년 영어뉴스 뉴스톡과 함께 미래를 선도하는 인재로 자라나길 기원하고 응원합니다. 

자라나는 어린이들에게 퀴즈참여가 기회가 되어

매일매일 전해지는  뉴스속에서 원하는 진로를 찾아가는 한해가 되도록  지도바랍니다. 

(직업 세계가 급변하는 미래 사회에서는 자신의 진로를 스스로 개척하고 

자기주도적으로 학습하는 역량이 필요합니다. )




A professor in Japan has come [     ] with a television that dispenses flavors on the screen. It works by mixing a combination of 10 flavors to create the taste of whatever food item is on the screen. "Wow, it actually tastes like milk chocolate,"  University student said. "It's the same as watching a movie or listening to a song that you like"  "I hope people can, in the future, download and enjoy the flavours of the food " professor said. Other uses could include distance learning for sommeliers and cooks, and tasting games and quizzes in your home.





professor : 교수 come up: 만들다. 고안해 내다. Dispense: 분배하다 flavor: . 향기

Screen: 화면 combination: 조합 whatever: 것은 무엇이든지 sommelier: 와인감별사

Cook: 요리사 



1. up   2.down





TIME names Elon Musk 2021 Person of the Year




Every December, TIME magazine announces its Person of the Year. 

TIME magazine said its Person of the Year for 2021 is Elon Musk. He is the richest person in the world. He has [          ] great changes in society. He wants to explore space and get to Mars.

His car company Tesla has two-thirds of the electric car market. Musk is also an inventor. He started the e-payments company PayPal. He also has companies in robotics, solar technology, and artificial intelligence. TIME called him a genius.



announces: 발표하다알리다. brought: 가져오다야기하다. mars: 화성inventor: 발명가 payments: 지급 납입.  artificial intelligence: 인공지능 genius: 천재

1. brought          2. bright




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