3. 핫이슈! 톡톡 퀴즈!

핫이슈! 톡톡 퀴즈!

(꿀잼뉴스)미리보는 다음주 영어뉴스-영상도 가져왔어요^^

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What do you think about AI being used to bring four members of The Beatles together in a new song?

A new song by famous band The Beatles has been released despite half of the band members no longer being alive, thanks to the help of artificial intelligence*. 

The Beatles were a legendary* British rock band from the 1960s and comprised* of four iconic* musicians – John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.


The new song, titled Now and Then, is unique because it combined the singing of McCartney and Starr with Lennon, who passed away in 1980, and the guitar skills of Harrison, who passed away in 2001. 

The song was initially written and partly recorded by Lennon in the late 1970s and further developed by bandmates years later but as technology then was limited, they didn’t release it due to the sound quality* not being up-to-scratch.


Since its release, the song was on track to be named number one on the UK’s official singles charts.

The song is set to be The Beatles' 18th UK chart-topper* and their first in 54 years, since The Ballad of John and Yoko in 1969.


^^영상을 먼저 확인하고 좋은 전설의 노래을 들어보며 기사를 보면 내용이 쉽게 이해 된답니다^^

우리도 인공지능을 활용해 볼까요?

영어뉴스를 쉽게 불여달라 해보았어요? 


인공지능에게 쉽게 짧게 바꾸어 달라 해보았어요. 쉽죠?  다음 주 더 자세한 이야기 나눠요! 


New song by The Beatles released with the help of artificial intelligence. Song called "Now and Then" combines vocals of McCartney and Starr with recordings of Lennon and guitar skills of Harrison. Song initially written by Lennon in late 1970s but not released due to limited technology. On track to become their 18th UK chart-topper and first in 54 years.


다음 주도 꿀잼나게!  뉴스톡! talk! talk! 해요! 또 만나요! 



  1. How many members were in The Beatles, and can you name two of them?
  2. What technology helped The Beatles bring back their music in Now and Then after all these years?
  3. Who directed the music video for Now and Then, and what other famous movies did he direct?
  4. What is the song Now and Then expected to achieve on the UK’s official singles chart?
  5. What did some Beatles fans say about the new song?


What is AI and how does it work? 

 “AI”* has been named the Collins Word of the Year for 2023.

According to an AFP report, Collins Dictionary said the abbreviation of “artificial intelligence” had become the dominant conversation of the year.

Collins Dictionary  said “There was no question that ‘AI’ has also been the talking point of 2023,” .

Use of the term has quadrupled this year, the publisher said.

Other contenders ranged from ultra-processed to Deinfluencing, nepo baby but Collins managing director Alex Beecroft said AI had been "the talking point of 2023".

The word of the year usually reflects the preoccupations of that time.


World’s first pilotless air taxis have been granted approval to carry passengers



Imagine flying over the city in an electric-powered aircraft that has no pilot but can take you from point A to point B in minutes. Sounds like science fiction, right? Well, not anymore. China-based *Ehanghas become the world’s first company to receive official approval to fly passengers in its pilotless air taxis.

Ehang’s EH216-S air taxis are electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, also called eVTOL for short. The air taxis can carry up to two passengers or about 270kg of cargo*. They are powered by 16 electric propellers* and can fly at speeds of up to 130kmh and distances of up to 28km. 


The air taxis are controlled by a central command centre that monitors the flight, routes* and weather conditions. 



직종이 없어지는 게 문제는 아니다. 더 나은 직업이 생기기 때문이다.  

진정한 문제는 변화의 과정에서 발생할 실업과 빈부격차다


에릭 슈밋 구글 회장과 이코노미스트는 문제의 해답으로 교육을 꼽았

댓글 게시글에 관한 의견을 말씀해 주세요.