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Lorenzo\\\'s oil: 로렌조 오일

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작성일 2016.10.26
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 ‘로렌조 오일’ 불치병 부신백질이영양증 원인 국내 연구진이 찾아 

' Lorenzo's oil ' causes, identifying for the first time in the world

 1992년 영화 ‘로렌조 오일’은 ‘부신백질이영양증’(ALD)이라는

불치병에 걸린 아들-로렌조  낫게 하는 방법을 찾기 위해  동분서주한  부부의 실화이다.


' Lorenzo's oil ' incurable diseases, found the cause of the outbreak. 

The movie ' do you remember Joe Rosen oil '?

The incurable brain disease developed directly by parents for a son dealing with the content of a true story that was the cure.National medical is the world's first stem cells of this rare disease using the My.

' Lorenzo's oil ' is a rare disease in the brain become inflamed, the son suffers from ' Lorenzo ' parents for hand-made medicine.


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