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 미리보는 재밌는 뉴스!- 행복해지는 뉴스로   늘 꾸준히!! 홧팅하는 한주 되길 바랍니다. 

Toasteroid is a simple yet funny idea and concept.  

This product is a toaster. What makes this different from others is the fact 

that youre able to imprint messages on your toast.  

There is a dot shaped heater inside the toaster that prints custom images and text on your toast that you send directly your smartphone.

You can place up to two pieces of toast into the toaster imprinting any message or picture that you want. 

Toasteroid is designed to stand out compared to other normal toasters. 

Just by downloading the mobile companion app you can connect your smartphone to the toaster to toast any message or image.  

Its fun to take an everyday object that we use daily in our lives and change it into a new idea. It just goes to show that anyone can make a lot of money if they have the right idea.

The Internet of Things is everywhere around us.  Isn’t this a great idea to be happy? 

다음주 함께 재밌게 이야기 나누어보세요. !! 

Isn’t this a great idea?


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