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A group of portly tigers have been filmed in Harbin, China

The fat cats increased their food intake over New Year to prepare for the cold

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Look! chubby tigers in Harbin


Recently China CGTN News introduced the fat tigers.

Tigers is the Harbin Siberian Tiger Park.

‘Tiger’ is sharp beast. But the tigers here are fat.

The tigers is like a cute fat cat.

There is a reason why tigers are fattened.

Harbin is one of China’s coldest places.

It was a big boom to survive in cold Harbin.

The extra fat can help keep them warm.

In the summer, it returns to the beast of a slim figure.

It is the provision of nature.



*하얼빈 [Harbin]: 사계절 중 겨울이 가장 길고 추워서 눈과 얼음이라면 원 없이 볼 수 있다.

반면 여름에는 선선하고 상쾌한 날씨가 이어져 피서지로 적격이다.

/ CGTN China Global Television Network

chubby : 토실토실 살찐, 통통한, 잘 생긴 가슴

*CGTN [China Global Television Network]

introduced : 소개하다, 만나게 해주다 .

beast : 짐승, boom : 확대 확장 extra : 여분의, figure : , 형태, 모습

provision : 규정, 섭리.이치




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