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Big day of celebrations for stargazers 

Star gazing is so amazing, especially when you can dress up in your best space outfit to do it. How will you celebrate International Day of Planetaria? 

"Day of Planetaria" has been held in different countries yearly since 1995. It is an important opportunity for involving the international community in a collaboration that aims to promote knowledge of planetaria to the public. 

The International Day of Planetaria (IDP) was born in Italy in 1995. Conceived by the Associazione Amici dei Planetari, it became truly an international day in 1995, when other planetariums in Europe joined in the celebration. Today it is celebrated in the United States and Australia as well, and hopes are that it will continue to grow and encompass the globe. Many locations use this day as a kick off event or the culminating day of a week of special programming and activities for the public.

The goal of IDP is to involve the international planetarium community in a collaboration that promotes knowledge of planetariums to the public.

The Planetarium is a permanent exhibition at Scienceworks, but Sunday March 12 is International Day of Planetaria*, so there are lots of fun things going on that day, including special shows and entertainment.- 뉴스톡 레벨3기사 예정중


*Scienceworks (Melbourne), a science museum in Australia


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