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UN Secretary-General: 유엔사무총장

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'Thank You' Ad Posted in New York for Ban Ki-moon

  • October 26, 2016 10:05


A billboard ad saying thanks to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon,

who finishes his 10-year term at the end of this year, was set up near Times Square in Manhattan, New York.

A picture of Ban is on the left of the ad, and on the right there is a message that thanks him for his hard work written in five languages -- English, French, Russian, Chinese and Korean.

Han Tae-gyuk, a Korean resident in New York, paid for the ad himself. The ad will be posted until the end of this year

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He is my rolemodel! I want to be a diplomat, and someday, I want to work at United Nations! I really respect him, and I want to be like him.
16-10-26 04:53 222.☆.221.172
주희! you can do it! We're all behind you, and don't ever forget it.
16-10-30 12:12 182.☆.89.6