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Goodbye Barack Obama

Barack Obama's eight-year White House life with photographs


Barack Obama, the 44th US...(생략) or higher rating.


Barack Obama, who wrote American history as the first black president in American history, ........(생략).and saddened over the past eight years of his time in leading the United States.


Let's meet with President Barack Obama for the past eight years of the White House life, listening to the people's voice ...(생략)is with the people.


사진마다 생각나는 단어를 사진이 바뀌기전 즉흥즉답으로

사진마다 다 연결했으면 창의력+실력 모두 굿!  

적어보고 담주 톡!톡! 말해보세요!  도전!

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