3. 사회뉴스 톡! 단어

사회뉴스 톡! 단어

What does Christmas mean to you?

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▶ New York Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree


The Rockefeller Center in the USA is a famous place where you can feel the end of the year
The scene of tree transportation here before Christmas has been revealed
A large truck  loaded with huge trees comes into the city.
It is a Christmas tree that will reveal the Rockefeller Center until the end of the year
It is 28 meters long and is the second largest Rockefeller Center Christmas tree ever.

▶ '27m Christmas tree' lighting ceremony

At the same time, a large Christmas tree lighting ceremony was held in Vienna, Austria
This tree, which is 130 years old, is 27 meters high and weighs 7 tons
It was revealed before the opening of the traditional Christmas market
Christmas is a big day for everyone.
Why celebrate Christmas everywhere in the world?

What does Christmas mean to you?     


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