3. 사회뉴스 톡! 단어

사회뉴스 톡! 단어

ban: 금지하다

작성자 운영자
작성일 2017.04.27
조회수 2,417

Recently Taiwan passes law to ban eating of cats and dogs. Taiwan has banned the eating of dogs and cats, lawmakers said. Taiwan has reportedly become the first Asian country to [  ban  ] dog and cat meat.

Killing, selling and consuming dogs and cats is now illegal in Taiwan. Will South Korea and mainland China follow suit?


ban 금지, 금지령, 반대, 비난
lawmakers 입법자, 의원, 국회의원 reportedly 보도에 따르면
consuming 소비하다 illegal 불법의 follow suit 남이 한 대로 따라 하다

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