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'A Taxi Driver' Becomes 15th Korean Film to Draw 10 Million Viewers

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작성일 2017.09.01
조회수 1,711


실시간 관련뉴스한줄잼!뉴스서비스:19805월 광주의 현장보고서 ~ 택시운전사~ 1000만 영화...



"A Taxi Driver," directed by Jang Hun and starring Song Kang-ho, has become the 15th Korean film to draw more than 10 million viewers. It had attracted 10.07 million viewers as of Sunday, making it the first film this year to reach the milestone, according to distributor Showbox.

The film reached the 10 million mark just 19 days after its release, the same number of days as "Train to Busan," which went on to attract 11.56 million viewers last year.
The pace was the second fastest after "Roaring Currents," the biggest box-office hit in the history of Korean cinema, which accomplished the feat in 12 days.
Song is the first actor to star in three films to attract 10 million viewers. He previously starred in "The Host" in 2006 and "The Attorney" in 2013. In the new film, Song plays a taxi driver who takes a German journalist to Gwangju during the democratic uprising in May 1980.
It is also the third such film for supporting actor YooHae-jin after "The King and the Clown" in 2005 and "Veteran" in 2015.
viewers: 관객 milestone: 이정표, 획기적인 사건 distributor: 분배자, 영화 배급업자 release: 출시하다. 풀어놓다 journalist: 저널리스트, 보도 기자 supporting: 유지하다, 부양하다, Veteran: 베테랑

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