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3 Korean Baseball Players Named MLB\'s \'Best Bargains\'-

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작성일 2016.06.15
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3 Korean Baseball Players Named MLB's 'Best Bargains'-englishnews@chosun.com /

Three Korean baseball players have been named among Major League Baseball's best bargains.

In the top 10 list released by Yahoo Sports on Monday, Kang Jung-ho of the Pittsburgh Pirates ranked third, while Lee Dae-ho of the Seattle Mariners and Oh Seung-hwan of the St. Louis Cardinals took sixth and seventh place, respectively.

From left, Kang Jung-ho, Oh Seung-hwan and Lee Dae-ho From left, Kang Jung-ho, Oh Seung-hwan and Lee Dae-ho

"The Pittsburgh Pirates saw more in [Kang] than others, and now they've got him for $2.5 million this season and just $11.25 million more over the next three years," the sports news website said. "The closest thing to Kang's deal is the spectacular bargain Milwaukee got on Jonathan Lucroy at $12.5 million over five years."

"Lee wasn't even guaranteed a spot with the Seattle Mariners when he jumped from [Korea] to the major leagues this offseason," Yahoo Sports said. But he "is hammering lefties and righties alike... and is one of the best bargains in baseball this year, even if the Mariners have given him a $250,000 roster bonus, owe him another soon and likely will owe him another $1 million or so in plate appearance incentives."

As for Oh, Yahoo Sports said, "The Cardinals are paying Oh only $2.5 million, and he deserves an All-Star appearance." It also added "perhaps teams will get over the idea that players from [Korea] aren't worthy of major league-quality salaries


미국 프로야구(MLB)에서 뛰고 있는 강정호와 이대호, 오승환이 '가장 헐값으로 계약한 선수'로 꼽혔다. 그만큼 연봉 대비 뛰어난 활약을 펼치고 있다는 얘기다. 미 야후스포츠는 14일 '성적 대비 헐값으로 계약한 선수' 톱 10을 소개하며 강정호(피츠버그 파이리츠)를 3위에 올렸다. 이대호(시애틀 매리너스)와 오승환(세인트루이스 카디널스)은 각각 6·7위였다.

야후스포츠는 강정호에 대해 "피츠버그는 강정호에게 올해 250만달러 등 3년간 1125만달러만 지급하면 된다"면서 "1년에 1125만달러를 받는 선수가 이미 100여명인데, 강정호의 계약은 특별하다"고 했다. 이대호에 대해선 올 시즌 기본 연봉이 100만달러이고 보장된 자리도 없지만 왼손·오른손 투수를 가리지 않고 안타를 치고 있다는 설명이 붙었다. 오승환에 대해선 "올스타전에 나갈 수 있는 실력"이라며 "MLB 팀들은 '한국 선수는 MLB 수준의 연봉을 받을 가치가 없다'는 생각을 바꾸게 될 것"이라고 평했다. 오승환의 올 시즌 연봉은 250만달러다.

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