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Caught : 붙들다, , 걸리다

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Caught : 붙들다, 받다, 발견하다, 걸다, 걸리다

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My school's students almost tried to makeup at school.
That is bad thing but, student want to do that.
16-06-27 05:55 218.☆.47.198
I think making up for students in their school is being one of the culture of students.
16-06-28 10:15 222.☆.221.172
채영! 주희!  really?  I'm surprised.  thank you! ~~
관련기사 빠르게 읽어보기: http://english.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2016/06/25/2016062500368.html

Young Teens Caught Up in Beauty Craze
After 10 years teaching in middle school there is one thing that baffles Lee Soo-jung -- how many of the girls are wearing makeup. "Just 10 years ago only a couple of girls in a class wore makeup, but now more than half of them do," she says.

The school tried to ban it, but to no avail. "Many girls put on makeup after coming to school, and we aren't sure where to draw the line," Lee says. "We can't simply tell students not to do something without explaining why, plus many girls are very sensitive about how they look."

One manufacturer of school uniforms polled some 158 teenage girls in May and found that the vast majority had tried makeup at school. They got their tips from websites like YouTube, which has around 149,000 videos with makeup instructions for teens.
The cosmetics industry estimates that the teenage market for makeup is worth around W300 billion (US$1=W1,176)~~~~~~.
16-06-30 09:50 14.☆.222.13