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convenient : 편리한/ particular : 특히/groceries : 식료 잡화점/ infection: 감염


The early morning delivery in Korea is very convenient. The early morning delivery was actually started by several companies before the corona virus infection began. 

Market Kurly first started, followed by Coupang by dawn delivery.

In particular, these companies started delivering groceries early in the morning.

Since the corona virus infection began, people have begun not to go to offline markets, and they have started using early morning delivery.

Now, many companies have started sending early in the morning like Giants coupang and naver. Shinsegae Group has various online retail channels including SSG.com and E-mart Traders, but it lacks a presence in the open market sector. Acquiring an open market platform would scale up its e-commerce business, as it competes with giants Coupang and Naver. A key area of focus for Shinsegae has been early morning delivery.

Lotte, meanwhile, is known to be seeking ways to boost its online retail channel, while its existing e-commerce unit Lotte ON has been struggling.

The quality of food is getting better and the price is getting better as more people use early morning delivery and more companies support early morning delivery.

The delivery system is really good in Korea. You can order food without going to a restaurant and eat it comfortably at home, or you can get groceries at home without having to shop.

Of course there are side effects. Nevertheless, the early morning delivery market is expected to grow even bigger. Even convenience stores started delivering.

Korea is becoming a country of delivery.


▪ Talk!! Talk!! 

1. What problem does Shinsegae Group have? What is its key area of focus?

2. What is Lotte? What product and services does it provide to people?

3. What is good about delivery system in Korea?

4. What do you think are the side effects of early morning delivery?

5. Have you experienced this system? What can you say about it?

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